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Our Word is Our Bond

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Last Modified Date: December 28, 2017
  • Slogan Our Word is Our Bond

ABout BLG Parekh Logistics :

  • 50:50 Joint Venture of BLG Logistics Group from Germany and Parekh Group from India.
  • Strengths ––Expert logistics engineering team–Strong IT setup–World Class material handling Equipments–Trained  Process Experts in Each  value stream component of Supply chain .

    –Believe in People  strength . Supply chain is Peoples Business.

    –Operate on KISS principle “ Keep It  Simple and Small”  In time .

About BLG Logistics :  The BLG Group has developed into a globally operating logistical, with a strong local base. Our customers include the leading German automotive manufacturers as well as strong brands from the trade. With our logistics solutions, we are an important interface for their success. No matter how complex the task is – customers are looking for a simple solution. We are a growing company. BLG LOGISTICS currently offers around 16,000 jobs worldwide, more than half of which are in Bremen and Bremerhaven. This results in a high responsibility for the region. The competence of our employees is a key success factor for us.

About Parekh Group :

Parekh Marine Agencies Private Limited focuses on delivering quality and long-term commitment through financial strength, innovative approach and nationwide reach.
Our shipping agency has been running successfully for the past 30 years catering end-to-end to the principal’s vessel needs. We ensure appropriate usage of our principals’ funds, thereby cordial relationships and constant liaison with port authorities, customs and others. This makes it possible to achieve a quick and smooth turnaround time and ease of operation.
Since April 2008, Parekh Marine has been chosen as the Indian representative member of the prestigious Multiport Ship Agency Network (MSAN) present in 114 countries through 1600 ports worldwide. Our inclusion in this team enhances our reach to many new locations.

Industries Served

Automobile , Contract , Container

Experience in Years


Areas Served

Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia

Service Cateogry

3PL with Warehouse, Others

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